Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar

If you are travelling from Malaga to Cadiz, and you have never before laid eyes on it, you will be amazed at the prominence of the Rock of Gibraltar.   The Rock stands at approximately 1,396 feet high and is around 55 million years old.

Its mesmerising form rises from the ocean with the Atlas Mountains to the North providing a wonderfully Moorish backdrop. Sometimes referred to as the eponymous Pillars of Hercules, due to the Greek mythological name bequeathed to the gateway to the Straits of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic.   Gibraltar is one pillar while the other is one of the Northern African peaks of either Ceuta or Musa.

The Rock of Gibraltar is a symbol of fortitude, strength and resilience

All over the world, the Rock of Gibraltar is a symbol of fortitude, strength and resilience.   Its people, borders, customs, and nationalities have all stood firm in the face of adversity.  The Rock has acted as a place of safety from the myriad of attacks, sieges and controversial ownership claims.

There are opportunities to explore the Inside the Rock where a complex and intriguing system of fabricated tunnels exist.  These tunnels served as defence fortifications and date back to 1782.  This was the date of the historic battle between Gibraltar and Spain and known as the Great Siege of Gibraltar.

The Tunnels proved useful historically, British soldiers expanded the space inside the Rock to take advantage of the protection provided.  Protecting over 30,000 soldiers, allowing a strategic shipping route for the allies in the fight against the Germans during World-War-II.

A wonderful beatific backdrop for photographers is provided by the Rock of Gibraltar

The Rock provides a wonderfully beatific backdrop for photographers, due to the diverse natural beauty, scenic views, plants and unique wildlife on offer.  There are a few options to travel up to the Rock itself and enjoy the nature park. One being on foot, and this is highly recommended to obtain a copious number of shots on the way up and down.

The twists and turns of the Mediterranean Steps provide one stunning view after another.  The views out across the ocean to Africa and Spain will imprint themselves forever in your head and soul.  Due to the assortment of subjects, from the various naval and cargo ships, sailboats and eye-catching corporate yachts, and views across to the eastern point with its impressive lighthouse not forgetting the seagulls swooping and diving.   Just be sure to have sensible shoes, hat, sunscreen and water, as the climb is arduous, especially during the summer months.

Other fascinating sites to take interesting and unique shots include St. Michael’s Cave, the Moorish Castle the various abandoned military stores and outposts dotted all over the Rock and, of course, the siege tunnels.  The road back to town from the Rock provides even more to offer. Impressive skyscrapers, marinas, iconic landmarks such as the Frontier, Gibraltar Airport and runway and the aeroplanes themselves landing and taking off.  There are several strategically placed viewpoints to capture the planes landing and taking off from this beautiful Iberian Peninsula.

Enjoy the unusual wildlife on the Rock of Gibraltar

Last but by no means least is the unusual wildlife that Gibraltar is most famous (some would say infamous) for!  The country boasts a large, healthy and cheeky Barbary macaque community.  The macaques are a huge tourist draw and it is easy to see why.  However, it is essential to respect the signs and notices dotted all around the Rock; do not take any food with you on your trip to visit these beautiful creatures.

Without any doubt, they will steal any minute article of food you have on your person; by whatever means required.  You cannot reason, argue or negotiate!  If food is nearby (even hidden deep inside the thickest backpack), the agile strong macaques will procure it.  They may even take your bag, running to a remote area where they can, at their leisure empty all the contents to find the treasure they seek.

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