Gibraltar travel and photography opportunities

Great photography opportunities of Gibraltar Travel

For photos about travel, the tiny country of Gibraltar almost has it all; airports, helicopters, ships, cable cars, taxis.  The only missing category is railways.  There are also numerous ways in which to travel in and around Gibraltar, including taxi, bus, cable car, cycle hire and, of course, the most natural method of travel, by foot.

Certain controversial aspects of Gibraltar are always in demand photographically.  For instance, the border, also known as the Frontier, has been photographed for decades, due to the ongoing tension between Gibraltar’s immediate neighbour, Spain.  This year, marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of this iconic border by Spain’s fascist dictator General Franco on 8th June 1969.

The border remained closed until 1985.  On the day the border reopened the hordes of people resembled an avalanche, all clamouring through the gates to be reunited with families.  Much like today with approximately 10,000 Spanish workers crossing the border each day to get to work in Gibraltar.

Cross the runway to access the main town of Gibraltar

Today, photographers can take advantage of the views of the rock from the border, the exciting fact that to get into Gibraltar city centre, one has to literally drive or walk across a very active aeroplane runway, with up to ten flights scheduled to land daily. Get caught in a scheduled take-off or landing and expect a long wait!  Perfect to capture that perfect airport shot!

Within Gibraltar there are numerous exciting opportunities for photography. The buses and taxis, cyclists, scooters, cable car up the rock and even helicopter tours are available.

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